From solar-powered energy to wildflowers for our bees, La Morellina is an eco-friendly paradise that uses several sustainable factors to reduce our carbon footprint. Our energy-efficient estate comes equipped with solar panels that are installed on our warehouse building. They convert energy from the sun into electricity, and even hot water. The benefit of solar energy is that we avoid using greenhouse gases, which in turn means we’re reducing our contribution to global warming with energy consumption. Solar panelling can effectively reduce the carbon footprint by 80%, in just one year!

La Morellina is also equipped with clever water conservation systems to save and reuse water efficiently. We use wells and also have implemented a system for recycling natural rainwater, called rainwater harvesting, which collects the rainwater that falls onto bigger surfaces, like our roof. This water is then stored in tanks for usage. We have sparkling and flat water available on tap, to avoid using plastic bottles.

Planting a bee-friendly garden on our grounds not only leads to healthy and vibrant plants, it ensures that bees continue to play their critical role in our ecosystem. At Morellina, we have planted a variety of plants that bees love, and keep them well fed and flourishing. In return they share their honey with us, which we share with our guests.